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Q: What is an endowment fund?

A: Gifts to the Foundation Endowment Fund make an impact now and in the future, ensuring longevity of donor intent. The Foundation Endowment Fund creates a reserve of money that supplies a steady stream of income over time. Only earnings are spent annually, never the principal. These funds create financial stability, allowing LLCC to be less dependent on unpredictable sources of revenue.

The Foundation Endowment Fund earnings are used for the area of greatest need at the college, including, but not limited to, scholarships, college program support, equipment, furnishings, and more. At the goal level, the Foundation Endowment Fund will earn approximately $150,000 annually which will significantly impact our students. It is for this reason that we say a gift to the Foundation Endowment Fund is embracing the future while enriching today.

Q: How are funds raised by the campaign used?

A: The Foundation Endowment Fund campaign assists with these priorities:

Student support

Instructional excellence and achievement

Program support and supporting activities

The Foundation Endowment Fund will be a lifesaver for students challenged by financial needs, classrooms that continually need modernizing to stay on the cutting edge, and curricula severely constrained because of the lack of technology.

Q: Why was “Grow Beyond” selected as a theme?

A: “Grow Beyond” reflects the purpose of the Foundation Endowment Fund. LLCC students “grow beyond” by continuing their education at four-year universities or doing vital work in the community. Additionally, a strong Foundation Endowment Fund enhances the physical and cultural environment of LLCC, broadens education opportunities for all students, funds scholarships, awards, and more — truly helping all communities we touch to “grow beyond.”

Q: How is the college funded?

A: Lincoln Land Community College is funded by a combination of local property taxes, student tuition and fees, state and federal grants, and contracts. State of Illinois financial challenges have resulted in decreasing state support for the college operations over the past 10-plus years.

Q: What types of costs do LLCC students face?

A: Almost 50% of LLCC degree and certificate-seeking students receive financial assistance. Examples of typical educational costs at the college:

Q: How is the Foundation Endowment Fund managed?

A: We have a duty to steward your gifts wisely and to apply them in ways that best serve our students and the college. The LLCC Foundation works with a professional investment advisor to manage the Foundation Endowment Fund. The finance committee of the Foundation board oversees the investment policy and regularly evaluates investment performance.

Assets are invested in a manner consistent with the mission of the Foundation and in compliance with the investment policy. Funds will be invested in short, intermediate, and long-term investments according to the cash flow needs of the Foundation. When you pledge your support, be assured your gift will be managed with the utmost care and respect.

Q: How can I give to the Foundation Endowment Fund?

A: There are many opportunities to fulfill your vision of supporting Grow Beyond.